Getting help with licenses for your company

Starting in business can be fraught with unexpected legal obstacles, from registering a business and its directors in the correct way to obtaining the correct licenses for specific services such as debt collection, gaming, production of vehicle license plates or financial services for example.

Seeking advice from an expert in commercial law can avoid costly lawsuits over copyright infringements, unfair dismissal or practicing without a relevant license – an offence that can lead to prosecution, large fines and even imprisonment in some countries.

Where to find a suitable law firm for Maltese licensing issues?

Some countries have their own law societies – governing bodies that can recommend commercial lawyers just right for a specific legal issue, such as experts specialising in employment law for example or law firms dealing mostly with company formation, financial services, i-gaming, information technology or shipping.

In Malta, GTG Advocates is one alternative to employing a legal expert in a company secretarial capacity and paying a large salary for the privilege of their advice on an ongoing basis.

Hiring a law firm to deal with specific issues, such as obtaining a license for gaming for example, is always cheaper than trying to muddle through and falling foul of local commercial legislation.

Whatever a company’s licensing requirements, the Chamber of Advocates, which is the Bar Association of Malta¬†and the official body governing all legal services on Malta can recommend a suitable expert firm.

Does your Business need a License to trade?

The website of the Commerce Department of Malta’s Trade Services Directorate, provides companies just starting out with excellent advice on these commercial activities:

  • Wholesale and Retail Trade
  • Social and Personal Services
  • Professional and Business Services Processing, Manufacturing and Sale of Food Products and Beverages
  • Manufacturing Activities
  • Construction Services

However, that doesn’t mean companies should dispense with law firm’s services – mistakes can be costly set-backs!